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IWPG, the 7th anniversary of the WARP summit, International Women's Peace Conference... "Overcoming the pandemic, realizing women's peace".

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IWPG, the 7th anniversary of the WARP summit,
International Women's Peace Conference...
"Overcoming the pandemic, realizing women's peace".

International Women’s Peace Group vowed to realize sustainable peace without interruption even in Pandemic situations.

On the 19th, in commemoration of the 7th anniversary of 9.18 Peace Summit, IWPG held ‘2021 World Women’s Peace Conference’ under the theme of ‘The role of 3.9 billion Women to realize sustainable peace and to improve women’s rights and interests’.

Peace Summit is an international peace event hosted by Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light(HWPL). IWPG is a global women’s NGO registered with the United Nations Global Communications Commission(UNDGC) and obtained special consultative status from the United Nations Economic and Social Council(UN ECOSOC). And IWPG is an organization that continues activities together with HWPL for world peace and women.

IWPG is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. IWPG has about 400 cooperative organizations(MOA) in 52 countries including about 100 branches in Korea and abroad. In addition, through activities to support and promote international law for peace, they are promoting ‘Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War’ to be enacted as an international law with legal effect. Also, they are helping all women around the world to learn and practice the spirit of peace through peace education.

On that day, IWPG conference was held online, non-face-to-face in consideration of the spread of COVID19.

At this event, about 800 domestic and foreign female leaders including Mutuuzo Peace Regis(Uganda, Minister of State for Education and Culture), Lee Hyang Ran(Chairman of the National Unification Orientation Council, Korea, Korea), Evelyn Mpo Marezaka Letuani (Former High Commissioner for South Africa, Lesotho), Agatha Sucila Anthony Dias (Founder and Director of Amchagar, India) and Naseneva Tuhe (Côte d'Ivoire, Minister of Gender Equality, Family and Children).

IWPG emphasized the intrinsic value of the role of 3.9 billion women in peace activities and the importance of spreading a culture of peace in order to cease conflicts, terrorism and wars occurring in various parts of the world in the new normal era after COVID pandemic. To realize world peace, the participants said that 3.9 billion women should lay the foundation for spreading a culture of peace together with IWPG.

◆ “The role of 3.9 billion women must be must feel around the world

Representative of IWPG, Yoon Hyun Sook, said in her greeting “IWPG has become the wing of peace and worked together with HWPL to realize world peace. Under the pandemic situation that no one expected, our peace activities did not stop.”

In addition, she promised saying “We have switched all our activities to non-face-to-face online activities. For a sustainable peace, we are still doing our best communicating with IWPG members around the world.”

Representative Yoon Hyun Sook said that we need laws and systems to completely establish peace. She added saying “Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW Article 10, Clause 38) can prevent war and conflict at the source. We will continue to work to call for binding legislation to be enacted.”

In this regard, representative Yoon who also introduced ’Plant Peace’ prayed for the establishment of peace. Plant Peace Movement is a project to change the culture of discrimination, violence, conflict and war into a culture of peace. They are planting a culture of peace through peace painting contests for children and young people around the world.

Mutuuzo Peace Regis(Uganda, Minister of State for Education and Culture) said in her congratulatory speech “We must feel the role of 3.9 billion women around the world for sustainable peace and advancement of women’s status.”

Hyang Ran Lee (Chairman of the National Unification Orientation Council, Korea) said “Those present at this event are the independence forces of peace. You are like light, rain and air which is the lives of mankind who do not give in to pandemic and work to end war in the global village”

In addition, she commented for not giving in to the pandemic and actively carrying out activities such as supporting the DPCW and educating women’s peace lecturers saying “As a North Korean defector, I am a person who desperately needs peace. As a person who suffered the pain of division, no one should ever suffer from war again. That’s why I joined IWPG.”

In her congratulatory speech, international judge Louise Otis, a member of the UN Judicial Council, expressed her support for DPCW saying “DPCW contains the need to resolve international conflicts through peaceful means that do not threaten innocent lives or national security.

In addition, she said “The time has come for 3.9 billion women to forcefully declare that humanity, war, war crimes and acts of aggression are over. At this moment, I believe that international protection is more needed than ever in relation to the fundamental human rights violations of women and girls in Afghanistan. All women’s organizations in the world must come together for Afghan Women.”

IWPG is actively raising its voice by issuing a statement and calling for a peaceful resolution even in the context of a military coup in Myanmar.

◆ War will end if everyone says “We Are One”

Evelyn Mpo Marezaka Letuani (Former High Commissioner for South Africa, Lesotho) who gave a speech on the theme of ‘the necessity and value of sustainable peace activities in line with the current phenomenon (the new normal era)’ said “Peace starts with me and affects my family, neighbors, society and country. Peace can be conveyed to neighboring countries and to the whole world. For the creation of a culture of peace that can achieve a world of peace as soon as possible, transition of a very high paradigm is needed.

In addition, she proposed that “3.9 billion women in the world must unite and work with IWPG for world peace and humanity.”

She also mentioned ‘We are one’ which chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee, saying “If everyone started to have this view that we are one (non-discriminatory) humanity, we would see cessation of war.”

Agatha Sucila Anthony Dias (Founder and Director of Amchagar, India) under the theme of ‘The Network of 3.9 Billion Women’ said “Becoming an IWPG peace educator is an honor which is preserved for generations to come. I encourage 3.9 billion women to join the training to become those who can sow this seed for peace to children. Through this, in a few years, we will experience the world of peace that DPCW will achieve.

In the presentation of ‘Proposing an Active Role for Improving Women’s Rights and Interests’, Minister Nasenebatuhe said “The quote ‘Peace is action, not words’ is engraved in the memory of all generations of Côte d'Ivoire's. I pay my respects to IWPG for providing a platform to witness the action of a dedicated women’s organization.”

At the event following the presentation of the topic, IWPG ambassador appointment ceremony was held. Maha Al-Sakban (Founder of Iraq Center for Women's Rights), Han Geum Ja (a professor at the Heilongjiang province Ethnology Academy) and Eranda Oliviatiu (Secretary General of the National Federation of Filipino Women’s Organizations) has been appointed as a public relations ambassador.

7th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit

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7th Anniversary of  the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit

We have reached the 7th anniversary of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light. How have you all been? Society is in a very difficult situation right now due to COVID19. Dear Heavenly Culture, World Peace, HWPL family, let's work together to reach the destination we all hoped for without being left behind. Heaven will protect us. We really did our best for Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light. And it's nice to meet you all on the 7th anniversary.

What would be our purpose? Our purpose was to cease war in the global village and establish peace so that it could be an eternal legacy for future generations. I myself went around the world 31 times for this work. You will know it well. I am so grateful to the current and former presidents of the global villages, the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court and the chairpersons of the National Assembly who I went to see. And I am very grateful to all religious leaders, the heads of organizations from all over the world and the press. I remember the days when this childlike person visited your country, you welcomed me and we worked together hoping for the same hope with one heart. It's really nice to meet all of our HWPL families who are celebrating this 7th anniversary. Our purpose will certainly come true.

The whole world is groaning right now because of COVID19. Even so, God is alive and all things remain unchanged. Under this condition, there is nothing for us as higher animals to be indolent. Our purpose does not change. I always kept you in my mind while traveling around the world in the old days. Also, I kept your request in my ears. I still remember those words vividly. Those words are alive. Until the day of our purpose has come true, let us not change. What did we say? We said 'We are one.'. 'We are one.' So, shouldn't we become one and make our dreams come true?

You can feel the reason why this person started to do this work. I've lived in a small village and farmed. But, when I was young, I held my grandfather's hand and prayed to God everyday. My grandfather wore a Korean traditional men's robe. At that time, I held my grandfather's hand and prayed together. Even after my grandfather passed away, I prayed every morning and evening in the field behind the farm after being discharged from the military. What would this mean? It was only God. All I knew was God. I got to know God because my grandfather taught me. And I always prayed because I knew God is the source of blessings.

The story I tell you sounds like a lie, but it is the truth. One day, a big and bright star in the sky came to visit me. Would it be 7 meters above the ground? A very bright star that was bigger than me came to me. I was bewildered and ran to the room. My family was sleeping, but I woke him up. I was waking him up saying 'A star has come. A star has come.'. So, my father came out and saw it. He was amazed and said "Wow, that star is big and bright. In the old days, when a gifted person appeared, stars appeared. It seems that a gifted person would appear in Korea as well." That star appeared to me for three days. Ultimately, I made a promise to God because of the star. What kind of promise would it be? It was a promise to believe in God, obey God and do all that God ordered. It was really a long time ago when I think of it now. So, what I started was I worked as a religious person. And, as you saw and heard, I have traveled around the world 31 times. But, during that time, have you ever heard me talk about religion? I haven't mentioned anything about religion.

For the sake of cessation of war and peace in the global village, transcending borders, raes and religions, this person went to each country and you all accepted this poor person without hesitation. What was it after all? It was 'We are one.'. 'We are one.' What purpose does 'We are one' contain? We met with this determination and purpose to cease the war and establish peace in the global village so that it could be an eternal legacy for future generations. With that purpose, I went around the world. Right now, we can't travel because of COVID. But, our purpose and the promise to God have not changed. There is the living God. And if the purpose does not change He will certainly accomplish. This being so, we will all achieve this purpose in God and in the word of peace with our one heart and one will.

What did I promise you when I went to each of your country? It was 'We are one'. 'We are one'. And, it was to achieve our peace. So, I met people who were religious, non-religious or politician. And we promised to hold the Peace Summit in Seoul, Korea. And as promised, the Peace Summit was held in Seoul, Korea. Dear beloved, what did we promise at the Peace Summit? At that time, politicians promise to enact international law for the sake of a peaceful world. And what did all the heads of world organizations promise? All the heads of organizations promised to do something before God in order to achieve peace. That's right. That is why we made a promise before God and all the peoples of the world at the time of the Peace Summit. The promise was to cease wars and achieve peace in the global village. So, on that day, did we not promise and sign to urge all the group leaders for the promise made to God and the people around the world. Then, we must achieve the promise we made before God and all peoples of the world, right? We must achieve.

As long as we live, we will surely achieve our promise to God. There will be a day when COVID19 goes away. Then, we must achieve what we work for and achieve a peaceful world without war, right? It should be. This cannot be done by someone else. Because we have mentioned these words out of our mouths today, because we have promised, we must achieve everything in our own time. You better all know it. I still have written notes in my library which were signed by former and current presidents, chief justices of the Supreme Court and parliamentarians from each country. What you signed on that day and that time sill exists. So, this is why we must not just look at this global village. You have to achieve our goals, right? This will not change. So, who will work on this? Our HWPL family should do it. And this is our mission. There is nothing bigger than this. Should this global village be destroyed by the war? This global village was handed down by our ancestors and created by God. So, it shouldn't be. This is not love. it is destruction. Should we love one another? We should all love as one body. And we should take care of this global village handed down from our ancestors beautifully. We have to take care of the paradise world so that it will be an eternal legacy for future generations. Shouldn't we do so? We should.

If so, as we promised, we must all be one. That is 'We are one'. To become one, we must achieve our goal. We really have to do so. When I went to the African continent, speakers of the National Assembly from 55 countries voluntarily gathered in one place and made the promise with HWPL. What was the promise? The promise was to make this global village a peaceful world together. Didn't we? It happened in South Africa. What else did I do? I went to Australia. When I went to Australia, all the leaders of the global island nation gathered. What promise did we make then? The promise was to cease war and achieve peace in the global village and we signed. I have it all.

Now, rather than money and power in this world, what is better is to achieve peace without war. Without peace, whatever we built, it would be destroyed. So, to achieve peace, shouldn't we achieve our goal with the same heart? We must not forget the day of September 18. Today is the 7th anniversary, right? We must never forget everything we swore on this 9/18 day. Heaven heard and saw. The earth heard and saw. So, we must achieve all the promises made to heaven and earth. Other than peace, is there any right or good? What was the best science in the world? It was nuclear. Nuclear weapons can blow up the entire world in a single day. So, we must cease this kind of war and achieve a world of paradise of eternal life so that it can be an eternal legacy. This heart must not change. I never forgot about our HWPL family. And I have been working with the mind that 'all families in this global village are HWPL family.'. I did not rest. You know it well.

Whenever we went to Romania for this, there was someone who invited us to their house and treated us to a meal. Every time we went. That grace, the look, that gratitude... I still can't forget. And how can I forget the grace that former and current presidents welcomed, agreed to and cooperated with me? I was grateful. So, what we should do from now on, when COVID19 sleeps, we must work for our purpose for the sake of global peace and cessation of war. All of us should do so with the same heart of peace. When doing so, should we eventually achieve cessation of war and world peace which we aimed for? Nothing could be greater than this.

When we die, we can't do anything. Should we do it alive? We have to do everything we want to be alive. So, I take this opportunity to preach. I am not a thief. I like to nurture the global village really beautiful just like the Garden of Eden what it said in the past. With whom? With the HWPL family. By doing so, I hope that we will work together to make our global village a beautiful place. Dear beloved, let's not change. Today when we become one with God, we must work together with God's eternal love and become one with the love. We should do so. I see many things. Then, God in heaven will bless us. What blessing would be the best? Is it eternal life? There is no reason to die when God is with us and becomes the kingdom of God. Would God let us die? And why should we die when we are needed? So, now in order to become the kingdom of God which is with God and become heaven, we should make an effort and make it happen together. Let's make it happen together. Let's not change. Isn't HWPL washing for cessation of war and world peace? This is what we must achieve for peace.

There are laws in this world. So, there are sins. If there are no laws, there are no sins. Now, the law should be vanished and sins should be vanished too. What do we need? That is freedom. It's freedom. This freedom is what most of us need. And, in this freedom, there will be peace and love in all things. Shouldn't this world be created? I know it should be. I heard that the living God wants such a world and that God wants to live in such a world with the creatures God created. Then, what are the conditions that we can live together with the God who created us? Everything must be perfect. We must create a peaceful world, a world of love, and a world of freedom without sin. So, I hope that our HWPL family will take the lead and work hard to make our global village a new global village together.

I am always with you. So, if the COVID19 is over, you will see all as we come and go and all of this will be spread all over the world. Please remember this. Let us not change until the day of fulfillment comes. And Let’s work. And we must not forget that we are one. Lastly, we will shout what we promised, the one thing, together and end it. We are one! Thank you.

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[True Story of Peace Tour] The will of the Creator is 'peace'

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 [True Story of Peace Tour] The will of the Creator is 'peace'

Chairman Man Hee Lee of Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light(HWPL) has been on a world peace tour since 2012 after receiving the command from heaven to achieve cessation of war and peace in the global village. During the 6th peace tour in September 2013, The Catholic Archbishop Antonio Ledesma whom he met in the Philippines asked chairman Lee to put an end to the conflict in Mindanao. At that time, Mindanao was a battlefield with repeated bloody conflicts. It was a situation where he had to put his life on the line. In January of the following year, at the age of 84, chairman Lee visited the battlefield raining bullets with the peace delegation only for "peace". Chairman Lee said "A person who promotes peace asked me to come for peace and I couldn't refuse. I went there believing that God would accompany me".

◆ The Creator's will is peace, not war

After the visit to Mindanao, the process of peace agreement which was made in the presence of Catholic-Islamic leaders was a series of miracles that were hard to believe. 

On January 24, 2014, chairman Lee emphasized "The Creator's will is peace, not war." at a meeting of leaders of government and civil society groups, youth groups and university professors at the General Santos downtown hotel in Mindanao. Then, he asked the participants to raise their hands if they want peace after asking whether they want peace or not. When all participants raised their hands, chairman Lee called the Catholic-Muslim officials who attended the scene to the front saying "Then, sign the peace treaty" 

At the scene of the peace treaty which was made impromptu, Fernando Capella, former Archbishop of Davao Diocesse and Governor Magindanao of Mindanao attended and both sides signed the Treaty of Cessation of War, World Peace. The Civilian Peace Agreement in Mindanao which opened the prelude to the end of the 40-year bloody conflict was accomplished at an unexpected moment. 

Immediately after the agreement, the officials of Catholics and Muslims immediately delivered the results of the agreement to the government and Islamic forces. Upon hearing the news of the civilian peace treaty, the Philippine government and the Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) reached an agreement on the very next day, January 25, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to end the 40-year civil war. The agreement of that time was evaluated as the greatest progress in the negotiations between the two sides which had been repeatedly suspended and resumed for 17 years. In May 2014, at the Philippine Parliament, so-called Bansamoro Basic Law which recognizes the Islamic autonomous region of Mindanao entered the legislative process and in August 2018, President Duterte finally signed the bill, completing the legislative process.

◆ Chairman Lee, the achievements of sincerity towards peace

The scene of the prelude to the end of the bloody conflict in MIndanao was reported through the Philippine state broadcaster PTV and private broadcasters. Upon hearing the news of the peace treaty, former Philippine President Ramos expressed his gratitude at a meeting with chairman Lee saying "You have done something that even President could not do"

In January 2014, Philippine PTV reporter Elizabeth Kachin who delivered the news of the Mindanao Civil Peace Treaty, which was concluded through the mediation of Man Hee Lee, in two interviews with this magazine cited ‘sincerity towards peace' of chairman Lee as the background for the dramatic peace achievements.

Reporter Kachine said "Chairman Man Hee Lee and politicians were different. Chairman Lee has come to Mindanao where bullets are pouring only for peace. The people of Mindanao who are tired of the conflict quickly realized the difference between a politician and chairman Lee. Sincerity of chairman Lee toward 'peace' moved them. The Peace Treaty was accomplished because it was chairman Lee and HWPL."

The Philippine media said "In the meantime, there were agreements to end the war through numerous peace treaties, but there have always been other conflicts. For this, many peace activists were active, but it was HWPL, headquartered in S. Korea, that bore fruit."

◆ 'HWPL Peace Monument' built in Mindanao

In May 2015, Magindanao of Mindanao built the 'HWPL Peace Monument' to commemorate peace achievements of chairman Lee. At the site, for the sake of peace, a large number of key figures and regional representatives attended the peace talk representing the government and the MILF pledged to work hard to maintain and develop peace in Mindanao. In addition, January 24, when the Mindanao Civil Peace Treaty was signed, was designated as 'HWPL Day' and a ceremony was held to commemorate the day of liberation from war through peace. On that day, the leaders promised saying "there will be no more conflicts in front of God and all peoples of the world. We will become messengers of peace with HWPL."

In January 2016, to commemorate the second anniversary of the Mindanao Civil Peace Treaty, a 'HWPL Peace Monument' was also built at Sultan Kdarat, Mindanao where the MILF was based. It was formulated externally that the peace in Mindanao was achieved through HWPL. Chairman Lee, who visited the MILF  garrison to attend the unveiling ceremony of the Peace Monument, was warmly welcomed by the residents of Mindanao. The endless crowd of welcoming people expressed how much the residents of Mindanao looked forward to "peace". 

Since the Treaty, there was steady support for the establishment of peace, daily life and the restoration of education of the local people. Being welcomed expressed gratitude to Korean peace activists who made it possible to recover normal life.

The Mindanao Civil Peace Treaty served as an opportunity to publicize chairman Lee to the international community. Since then, chairman Lee, who has won many peace awards, said "The true prize is peace. I will not stop the peace movement until the day when cessation of war and world peace are accomplished."

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HWPL, "Please engrave two letters of 'peace(평화)' in your heart"

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"Please engrave two letters of 'peace(평화)' in your heart"

"It would be great if we could all become messengers of peace and move forward on the path of coexistence." - remarks of chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL at a press conference before departure for the 7th Peace Tour.

The 7th Peace Tour of Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light(HWPL, chairman Man Hee Lee) was held for 18 days from October 30 to November 16, 2013 and 39 large and small schedules were conducted. Such a peace movement of HWPL, especially the peace movement led by chairman Man Hee Lee, drew attention from broadcasting and news media around the world. After listening to the broadcast, some people came to seek for peace. This article would like to review media reports from around the world.

◆ FIL-AM TVㆍCBS Radio Report

On October 30, 2013, at Los Angeles International Airport in the United States, FIL-AM TV, a Philippine broadcasting channel, which has been paying attention to chairman Lee's peace movement over the 5th and 6th tour, came to cover. FIL-AM TV is a broadcasting channel delivering the spirit, culture, values, arts and entertainment of the country to approximately one million Filipinos living in Southern California County, USA. 

In an interview with FIL-AM TV, chairman Lee suggested "We are like missionaries born for peace in this world. Let us work together so that war can truly end and peace can be established on this earth."

As the first schedule in LA, chairman Lee held a conference attended by world religious leaders such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism. CBS Radio, one of America's leading broadcasting stations, immediately conducted a telephone interview with chairman Lee and broadcast it.

◆ Appeared on Fox TV and Telemundo

At 4:30 AM, on November 1, chairman Lee and the peace delegation left for a live broadcast on FOX5 station in San Diego about an hour drive from LA. FOX5 is a famous American broadcasting station that has produced many famous programs such as 'The Simpsons' and '24'. 

The live broadcast started at 6 AM. In the broadcast, chairman Lee introduced the Peace Seminar held on board the Victory and Peace Walk . Fox TV reported the news along with footage of the Peace Walk which HWPL held so far. After the broadcast, chairman Lee got into a car skipping meals to go to San Pedro Port, LA, where the next event was held. At the peace seminar held on board SS Lane Victory, the heads of 50 local youth groups, 500 young people and 100 distinguished guests attended and local media showed great interest. 

After completing the LA schedule, chairman Lee and the peace delegation moved to Tijuana, Mexico. Chairman Lee appeared on a broadcast on Telemundo broadcasting station. Telemundo Broadcasting has a headquarters in Florida and is famous for its Spanish-language TV broadcasts in the United States. Also, he appeared on radio media run by Pastor Ramiro Lopez, a Jewish pastor. This media broadcasted a peace message on a special live. 

◆ Appeared in Azteca, Guatevision, Channel 7

On the 5th, chairman Lee appeared on Azteca Guatemala TV while visiting Guatemala. In the broadcast, he introduced the Peace Summit held in September 2014 emphasizing "With these materials that can achieve peace, I have traveled around the world several times. That's why I confidently say that I will achieve peace. Please, engrave the word 'peace' in your hearts."

The next day, he also appeared on a popular live morning program in Guatemala. Chairman Lee urged in the broadcast held at Guatevision Studio saying Isn't it fortunate in this era that there are people who are really actively doing the work of peace? You are the messenger. You are doing the work(work for world peace). Please be one."

Afterwards, at Guatemala City Hall, he had a talk with Alvaro Enrique Arjun Irigoyen who is former President of Guatemala and was a mayor at that time. After the talk, he also had an interview with the press at Guatemala City Hall. Viviana Quinones of Guatemala media TVRHD  who came to interview joined HWPL as a member. 

The news of peace activities by chairman Lee for world peace was also conveyed to the local area through a live interview with Channel 7, a famous Guatemala broadcaster. Channel 7 reported on chairman Lee's schedule almost everyday during his visit to Guatemala. On the same day, on a live broadcast, his activities and the content of the interview were reported. 

◆ Appeared on CDNN23ㆍMegavision MN19 News Program

Chairman Lee, who visited Nicaragua on the 7th, visited the residence of former President Enrique Bolaños(1928-2021) of Santander, Nicaragua and had a talk. This content of the talk was broadcast throughout Nicaragua through a CDNN23 broadcast. CDNN23 is Nicaragua's representative news channel and is a land-based television station. 

During a live broadcast for 30 minutes, world peace activities of chairman Lee was introduced. Chairman Lee appealed that "Let's stop war and build world peace. All of us, global families, have a mission to leave a peaceful world as a legacy to our descendants. 

The effect of the broadcast appeared immediately. After hearing this broadcast, Father Roberto Fernandez came to the station. He explained why he came because he wanted to meet chairman Lee who appeared on the show in person even for a brief moment. Maria Elsa Suarez Garcia, host of CDNN23,  joined the International Women's Peace Group(IWPG) there. 

She said "The peace movement for world peace by Chairman Lee is very important to Nicaraguans who want peace. Especially, I think a world peace agreement is a very good idea. I hope that this agreement is sent to the United Nations to cease all wars in the world."

Chairman Lee appeared on the Megavision MN19 program in El Salvador on the 8th. In an interview, chairman Lee urged that "There is no particular messenger of peace. Let all the people of El Salvador become messenger of peace." Megavision MN19 host Luisa Moncada said "It was a great honor to be able to interview great leaders who make a big difference in the world. As a member of this society, I also want to do a good job of spreading peace."

◆ Appeared in Costa Rica public broadcasting channel 13

Before starting Costa Rica's official schedule on the 13th, chairman Lee appeared on a live broadcast, RTV news which is a news program of channel 13. The broadcast host said "It is hard to believe. But, the age of chairman Lee is 83. He visited Costa Rica during the Peace Tour for peace."

At the end of the interview, the host emphasized that he would hold a meeting with Laura Chinchilla who was President of Costa Rica at that time. Afterwards, chairman Lee had a talk with President Laura Chinchilla.

After the broadcast, some local celebrities came to see chairman Lee. To them, chairman Lee asked for advice for peace saying "One plus one is two. I must seek wisdom from heaven. And I am trying to gain wisdom from people in the world. So, I am trying to work with the same heart. 


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On board the Victory, remember the lessons of 6.25 and become one with the Maya people through 'peace'

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On board the Victory, remember the lessons of 6.25 and
become one with the Maya people through 'peace'

The 7th Peace Tour of Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light(HWPL, chairman Man Hee Lee) proceeded for 18 days from October 30 to November 16, 2013. They conducted 39 large and small events. There were days when they conducted 8 schedules in one day. It was a crazy busy schedule. Among them, there were notable visits which included visiting Merdis Victory and meeting with the Maya people who have reached 12 million but are now scattered. In this article, a peace seminar by chairman Lee who was a veteran of the Korean war held on the Victory which kept the scars of the Korean war and the meeting with the Maya people who have been waiting for a 'messenger of peace' will be mentioned.

◆ Peace Seminar held on board the Victory
On May 25, 2013, after declaring the World Peace Restoration of Light and foundation of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), chairman Lee conducted a peace movement in earnest. In particular, on November 1, in the middle of the 7th peace tour, he visited the Merdis Victory which was anchored in the port of San Pedro Bay, LA. The Victory is famous for its Hungnam evacuation and is now being operated as a maritime museum where we can get a glimpse of the past. The Victory evacuated thousands of refugees and American soldiers during the Korean War. Chairman Lee who was also a veteran of the Korean War as a student volunteer held a peace seminar on that day with the heads of 50 youth organizations, 500 young people, 100 distinguished guests and 50 broadcast media in attendance.

Chairman Lee pledged to achieve peace and restoration of his people and the world in front of his dying colleagues when he participated in the Korean War. Meantime in official appearance, he asked about the cessation of war of the human race saying "Should young people die in war without enjoying their lives? What can death be rewarded for? Can we make them live again?" He was continuing his steps on the LA Peace Tour.
At the event, chairman Lee emphasized that "The war must be ceased. We must achieve the peace that heaven and the world want." Chairman Lee led a chant "world peace" to the attendees and all those who attended the event on board responded with "We can do it." filling the boat with shouts. Captain Hubert Dutch von Lettberg who actually took part in the Korean War participated in the Victory event and received great attention from the local media.

More than 100 people attended the event including Jose Munoz Mayan peace activist, Jim Deere Mayor of Carson City USA, Julio Calderon Associate Consul of El Salvador and Anna Lisa Matthias Miss LA. Jose Munoz Maya peace activist said about chairman Lee's message saying "I was surprised to see his overflowing energy and humble appearance. Chairman Lee's message gave me a great inspiration."
Jim Deere Mayor of Carson City who attended the event joined the peace movement of HWPL. Following this, Mayor Albert Robles announced the declaration on June 4, 2018 and announced the 9th to 15th of the same month as the 'DPCW Peace Awareness Week'. The following year, he attended the LA Peace Conference hosted by HWPL.

◆ 'A messenger of peace' who met 12 million Maya peoples
During this tour, there was a person who came to see chairman Lee on the 4th when chairman Lee was on a schedule in Guatemala to meet a local priest and hold a peace seminar. It was Santos Mapa Dora, the leader of one of the 22 Mayan tribes.
After a talk with chairman Lee, he contacted again on the same day. And the next day, on the 5th, he introduced chairman Lee to meet Carlos Enrique, the Minister of Culture of Guatemala. Minister Carlos was also a representative of one of the 22 Mayan tribes. He even prepared a gift by himself and waited for chairman Lee.

Minister Carlos met chairman Lee and said "Not only Guatemala but also many countries in Latin America long for peace. I want to work hard for world peace with chairman Lee." After the talk, chairman Lee and Minister Carlos signed a peace agreement. This was the first peace agreement in the history of the Maya peoples. There are 12 million Mayan tribes in the 22 tribes.
Afterwards, there was a talk with the leaders of the Maya tribe. At the talk, chairman Lee heard that the Maya people had been waiting for a meeting with 'a messenger of peace'. And he immediately coordinated his schedule of peace tour and visited Chua Rancho village where the Maya people live. The Mayan village is located at an altitude of 1350 M above sea level. Upon hearing the news of chairman Lee's visit, the residents gathered in one place to prepare for the feast. Representatives of the Maya villagers greeted chairman Lee and delegation wearing traditional costumes and holding flower poles. They gave chairman Lee the best respectful treatment.

Peace movement of chairman Lee became known across Guatemala through interviews with Azteca Broadcasting Station, Guatevision Studio and Channel 7. Meanwhile, during this peace tour, the Peace Walk was held at the El Trompo Museum in Tijuana, Mexico. As the procession of peace walk which started at the museum entered the city of Tijuana, citizens walking around joined the procession making the procession longer and more spectacular. After the Peace Walk, at the event booths, there were continuous citizens to join HWPL and become a member.

Chairman Lee proposed saying "I know the peace movement of this era is our mission today. Let us establish peace in this land and make a path for God to come and rule." In addition, he emphasized saying "The Peace movement is the legacy of future generations. Onward, many people will live in this peace and it will shine in history."