Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Protest Against Hong Kong regarding enforcement of China Hong Kong Security Law enacted

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Protest Against Hong Kong 
regarding enforcement of China 
Hong Kong Security Law enacted

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Hong Kong citizens protested because National People's Congress of China tried strong attempt to enact 'Hong Kong National Security Law' instead of Hong Kong Parliament. 

According to Hong Kong South china Morning Post, Myeongbo, Yonhap News on 24th, citizens of Hong Kong held a campaign against bad law opposing Hong Kong security law and national law in Hong Kong downtown area. 

On last 22nd, at the opening ceremony of the NPC, this is according to Chinese government's decision to enact the Hong Kong Security Law to strengthen national security education for Hong Kong citizens punishing Hong Kong internal intervention of foreign forces and national division, overthrow of political power and unison of terrorism. 

The Hong Kong Legislative Council reviews national law agendas which includes the contents of punishing a person who blasphemes the Chinese flag on 27th. 

Opposition party of Hong Kong and the Pan-Democratic camp have decided to step into a strong opposition struggle insisting that these measures could seriously violate Hong Kong citizens' freedom and human rights. Accordingly, on the eve, at shopping mall in Hong Kong Chai Wan, Hung Pacheuen region, there was a protest against the Hong Kong Security Law. 

On the 4th of next month, 6.4 Tiananmen Protests Commemorative Assembly will be held. On following 9th, there is possibility that the rally will be held again in order to commemorate the 1 million protests on June 9 last year. On July 1st, a protest was scheduled to commemorate the return of Hong Kong's sovereignty.

However, there are prediction that the protest fever will be worse than last year due to spread of Coronavirus infection(corona19) and recession. The Hong Kong government prohibits meetings or gatherings of more than eight people as a policy of the social distance to prevent the spread of corona19. If you break the rule, up to 25,000 Hong Kong dollars can be fined and imprisoned for six months. 

Meanwhile, Hong Kong's pro-Chinese party said it would continue to support legislation saying many citizens are in favor of the Hong Kong Security Law. The pro-Chinese group '23 Alliance' said it had secured a total of 2.28 million signatures through 2.1 million online signatures and 180,000 street signatures for Hong Kong Security Law. The number '23' refers to Article 23 of the Basic Law of Hong Kong which is the basis of the Hong Kong Security Law. 

Monday, December 2, 2019

International Experts Warn on Violence against Minorities

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International Experts Warn on Violence against Minorities

HRWF (Human Rights Without Frontiers) and CESNUR (the Center for Studies on New Religions) held the seminar in Seoul on 29th of November to discuss global human rights abuse cases with 40 legal experts. Reporter and representative of civil society organizations and lecturers of seminar includes major scholar of new religious movement in the United States and Europe.

At the seminar with the theme of 'Intolerance and discrimination against new religious movements: International problem', participating experts will focus on religious minorities targeted by a large number of groups and deal with destructive damages caused by human rights violations.

Two scholars from CESNUR and HRWF will discover violent behavior against religious minorities in South Korea introducing the cases of coercive conversion program in China, Japan, Russia and the United States.

This is due to death, family breakdown and mental trauma of more than 1,200 Korean caused by coercive conversion program committed by the Christian Council of Korea submitting statement regarding "coercive conversion program in South Korea".

an open statement signed by 15 international NGO including CAP-LC and HRWF to the President Moon of South Korea stated that 'South Korea is still good democratic country. The President must investigate coercive conversion program in depth and make people take responsibility in order to stop obnoxious practice.'.

Since 2007, even though coercive conversion program took away the lives of victims both Korean government and the President has not responded to to this issue.

Now, Korea has mission to the UN participating in the international efforts in order to respond to crises of human rights around the world.

Reference: https://c11.kr/blwe

Thursday, September 19, 2019

2019 World Peace Summit: 5th Anniversary of the WARP Summit

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2019 World Peace Summit: 5th Anniversary of the WARP Summit

5th Anniversary of the WARP Summit which is held every year to realize practical world peace celebrated its 5th anniversary. The efforts and achievements made in the past have also been announced through 5th anniversary of the WARP summit. (Corp.) Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) held '2019 World Peace Summit: 5th Anniversary of the WARP Summit' at Suwon World Cup Stadium in Gyeonggi-do with the theme of 'Legislate Peace to legislate international law for sustainable development'. The event was held not only in Suwon but also in major cities across the country and in 145 cities worldwide.

Peace summit hosted by HWPL was held on 18th of September 2014 for the first time proclaiming world peace and cessation of war. The event commemorating 'Peace Summit' was designed to participate in 'LP' project which is spreading around the world. 'LP' means 'Legislate Peace' and LP comes from first letter of each word. For LP project, HWPL announced DPCW 10 articles and 38 clauses in 2016 and now HWPL is working on a project in order for DPCW to be legislated as an international law.

LP project started with 'supporting DPCW signature campaign'. Currently, LP project has been expanded to include participation of people from politics, law, media, religion, women, youth and civil society. This signature campaign has been extended to various forms of events and peace walk activists. At today's main event, LP activists from all over the world participated. On 19th of September, representatives from politics, academia, religion and women and youth from all over the world had conference divided into 55 fields in order to practice cessation of war and world peace.

This conference includes '2019 Conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War', '5th International Religious Leaders Conference', '2019 International Women's Peace  Conference', 'HWPL Peace Education Conference' and '2019 International Youth Peace Conference'.

HWPL which is the host of the event is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with Seoul Metropolitan Government and has a special consultation status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Peace events we need; 918 peace summit by HWPL accompanied by IWPG & IPYG

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Peace events we need; 918 peace summit by HWPL accompanied by IWPG & IPYG

There is an annual event called Liberation Day in Korea. Liberation Day is a day commemoration Korea's liberation from Japan on August 15, 1945. At the same time, it is a day to celebrate the establishment of the Korean government succeeding the provisional government's legal tradition.

Since then, On 1st of October, Liberation Day was established as a national holiday. This day is celebrated nationally. On this day every family in the country celebrates with a flag to uplift its significance. During evening time, the government invites VIPs from all walks of life and diplomatic missions to celebrate.

As one of the preferential treatment for Liberation members, Liberation members and their families are allowed free rides on railroads, city buses and metropolitan railways across the country as well as free entrances to palaces. 

We were liberated from Japan's colony. However, Korea is still a divided country. the whole country become nervous time to time due to missiles fired from North Korea. For this reason, Korea is a country that needs more peace than any other country. HWPL has a steady peace movement. Also, we will have peace movement this year on 18th of September. 

From 2nd of September, peace movements have already begun around the world. Would you like to join us in peace movement held on 18th of September? I invite you to YouTube. 

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‘Let's reconnect railway from North to South by culture’…DMZ Peace Concert

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‘Let's reconnect railway from North to South by culture’…DMZ Peace Concert

Korea is the only divided country in the world. In the midst of this, a meaningful concert were held at Dora Mountain located at the northernmost part of Gyeongui Line. In the concert, famous musicians from inside and outside country gathered in one place to promote north and south railway reconnecting before the first anniversary of 9.19 Inter-Korean military agreement.

A melody of peace and harmony echoed DMZ (demilitarized zone). The world-class cello player Yo-Yo Ma came at this event. Yo-Yo Ma has played the melody of peace in conflict areas around the world. This time, he played Bach's accompaniment cello at DMZ. The Korean song 'missing Kumgang Mt.' were sung with the young musicians from North Korea. I personally wish South and North reunite again. This is the reason I support peace movement by HWPL.

Yo-Yo ma said "Through culture we can dream together. And together we can achieve the impossible." Arirang melodies harmonizing South and North resonate and the excitement rises to the folk song. Over 400 audiences including displace people, soldiers and students gave their applause to the stage of world-renowned masters and Korean traditional musicians. The elementary school student who participated in the event said "It would be nice if we could unify quickly and we could go to North Korea or Europe on this train." The audience tied the ribbons together to pray for peace between South and North.

HWPL will show heavenly culture to the audience on coming 18th of September. I invite all of you to this peace movement. 

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