Monday, July 30, 2018

World Alliance of Religions' Peace (WARP)

World Alliance of  Religions' Peace (WARP)
World Alliance of Religions' Peace (WARP) started in 2014 held by HWPL in Seoul, South Korea, 200,000 participants from 130 countries across the world have participated in first WARP Summit. WARP is a global interfaith peace movement. The major protect of HWPL is the WARP offices discussing on the role of religion in peace-building for the global community.

The purpose of the WARP Summit is the Declaration of World Peace respecting human rights and development. International legal foundation, education opportunities of youth and women empowerment are included. Since 80% of war is caused by religion conflicts, WARP offers religious leaders a chance to cooperate in peace-building for global citizens. Global citizens has right to enjoy a better life and better world in an era of peace.

For starter, heads of states and representative leaders from 12 religions signed an agreement. They also declared inter-religious cooperation for world peace. The 1st Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit which was held in 2015 showed global support establishing an international legal mechanism for peace.

Human value is threatened by war and conflict. It became a task for global citizens to find the solution to peace. Many leaders tried to achieve peace. However, the peace was never sustained on earth. For this reason, HWPL's WARP Offices discuss the spirit of peace written in religious scriptures to step forward. Over 170 WARP offices have been founded around the world to find the best solution to peace through religious scriptures. We have responsibility to make peace as a legacy for the future generation. Since 80% of conflicts are caused by religion, religion must play an important role.

The virtue of peace spiritually in human beings is the key point in religions. Most of scriptures define the value of peace which is crucial teaching. However, those teaching counteract against today's destruction of human values. In that sense, interfaith dialogues held in WARP Offices will light to discover the elements of our global society to devellop the spirit of coexistence, love and cooperation.

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