Thursday, October 8, 2020

Self-massage using massage ball

 Self-massage using massage ball

With the development of science such as the AI industry, our lives have become more convenient. But, as the frequency of movement of the body decreases, the importance of exercise is being emphasized. Many people know that maintaining the right posture and proper exercise is essential. Including me, it is hard to practice and the amount of exercise decreases. As the posture collapses, it is exposed to diseases of the musculoskeletal system and this causes pain throughout the body. In order to solve these problems, it is important to perform prevention and treatment such as massage, stretching and physical therapy when it is needed. Today I'd like to introduce you the representative areas that needs massage and how to do self-massage. 

How can I recover my unstable body?
Typical musculoskeletal disease include turtle neck, round shoulder, twisted spine and pelvis. If you use a cellphone or computer for a long time, you may get an imbalance in your body. When the body's alignment becomes unstable, certain parts become tense and others may weaken. In this case, the weakened part should be restored to the muscle function. And tensioned areas should be relieve by stretching or massaging. At this time, you can use your hands but you can use a tool called a 'self-massage ball' for more efficient massage. 
Features of self massage ball
The self-massage ball is aimed at relaxing muscles through compression. Because of this, it has a solid and round shape for rolling. The shape is largely divided into two types which single and double. By the way, I personally have both types. The double massage ball can be used to accurately massage the area where both sides are symmetrical around the spine. 
Single Massage Ball : It is a generally known round ball shape that allows intensive massage to areas that are difficult to reach. (Recommended areas : sole, calves, buttocks, thighs, arms)
Double Massage Ball :  It has two single balls attached to it. And, the middle part is a little apart making it look like a peanut. Therefore, it helps to avoid feeling awkward when massaging the back, waist, and pelvis while lying down. (Recommended area : pelvis, waist, back, scapula(between wing bones), under the back of the head, armpits)
Let's take care of yourself anywhere with a massage ball
Body discomfort can come anytime anywhere. In particular, physical discomfort caused by long-term desk work in the office must be managed. Put a massage ball in your bag or keep it in your office drawer and do a self-massage during breaks. You can prevent musculoskeletal disorders and body pain by pressing your body down as you normally do. 
(I'd like to share personal experience. I have all kinds of massage ball including peanut ball and single ball. I prefer trigger point massage ball or literally tennis ball worked good for me. I massage about an hour after work. I have all kinds of pain around neck, shoulder, back, pelvis and hip joint. Without these, I cant even get up next morning. You will be able to find out more video online. Enjoy!)

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