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'Teacher beheaded' France shocked to terror... remembrance spread 'Protecting freedom of expression'

'Teacher beheaded' France shocked to terror... 
Remembrance spread 'Protecting freedom of expression'

A French history teacher who taught a class related to "freedom of expression' was found beheaded on street near Paris being shocked. The suspect was Chechen refugee and shot by the police near the murder site. A few days before the crime, one parent posted the teacher's personal information and school address on Social Network Services and becoming controversy. Fellow teachers were determined to continue teaching freedom of speech without giving in to the terrible beheadings. Citizens foretold one after another of rallies of solidarity and resistance across France.   

On the 16th, local media such as Daily Le Parisian reported that Samuel Petty(47), middle school history teacher, was murdered near school in Kongplan Santorin, Evelyn Province. When the victim taught about freedom of expression in class on the 5th, the discussion was conducted using caricature by Charlie Hebdo based on the Islamic prophet Muhammad facing with backlash from some parents.

A disgruntled family filed a lawsuit against Petty. Petty responded back to charges against defamation. But, there were also parents who defended Petty. Petty also showed satirical cartoon of Charlie Hebdo as a part of a history class. Petty respected Muslim students giving them permission to leave the classroom if the wanted. As his class became controversial, Petty received several blackmail calls at school. Petty felt the threat and used residential area when leaving work rather than a usual path.

By a report by AFP on the 17th, the suspect was Abdullah A(18) from Chechen. He was staying in France as a refugee. Shortly after the crime, He posted a post on Twitter saying "I executed a demon who neglects Muhammad" along with a picture of the victim. Abdullah was killed by the bullets shot by police near the murder scene. According to eyewitness accounts, he shouted the Quran phrase meaning "God is the greatest." before he was killed. 

President Emmanuel Macron called for strong civil solidarity against terrorism at the site visited late this night saying "One of our comrades was murdered for teaching freedom of expression, freedom of faith and disbelief."

A few days before the incident, it was revealed that the parents of this school revealed the victim's name and school address on social media. A parent who was dissatisfied with Petty's class sued him and uploaded his identity followed by a tragedy. Eventually, the parents were arrested. 

Prosecutor Jean Francois Reciard of the France's National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutors' Office(PNAT) said that he is investigating whether the crime is planned or whether there is an accomplice. Prosecutor Reciard added about this case saying "It shows the seriousness of terrorism which France faces."

The French Secondary Teacher's Union said on the 17th "Many teachers are in grief. But, we will not be shrunken. We will continue to teach freedom of expression. We will not avoid even if the topic is difficult. We will encourage students' criticism. We will try to convey that everyone has the right to object."

The French were once again angry because they recalled the incident in 2015 when Charlie Hebdo used Muhammad as the subject of satirical cartoon became a target of Muslims ending up killing 12 people in the editorial office in a gut terrorist attack. In front of the school where Petty was beheaded, hundreds of citizens decorated white roses in commemoration. Rally will be held in Place de la République, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Nantes, Marseille, rill and Bordeaux.

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