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Together Peace!!

Together Peace!!

Would you like to peace together? How do we all do peace together? That way, I would like to introduce you to 'Legislate Peace Project'. 'Legislate Peace is a global project. Do you know what is the project doing? In order to achieve world peace without war, it is a project that calls for 'Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War' to become a binding international law. Then, what is ''Legislate Peace Project'? It sets the standard of peace that everyone can relate to and provides a way for all citizens in the world to contribute to the realization of peace in their respective places creating opportunities for each human being to become center of peace.​

Through 'Legislate Peace Project', regarding the value of peace and DPCW, we are spreading to all walks of life. The project began with DPCW Endorsement signing campaign to call for support for DPCW. This signature campaign has spread and become various forms of events and peace culture campaigns. To date, more than 1.3 million citizens in 176 countries support DPCW. Also, up to not only civil society but also religion and education, they are very much interested in peace movement and support DPCW related peace movement. 

Through Legislate Peace Project, citizen who wants peace can participate in handing down peace to our future generations. what is the difference between existing peace movement and Legislate Peace Project? That is the uniqueness of Legislate Peace Project. HWPL forms a global peace network bringing inclusive and close cooperation between government and civil society. Through this, HWPL is performing practical work to establish peace in each country. 

Would you like to join?

▶ Signature of support for 'declaration of peace and cessation of war (DPCW)'


Let's listen to the voices of the participants who participated in 'Legislate Peace Project'​

1. Rev. Tshuma Masimango Katembo, Mr. Jean de Dieu Munyembabazi, Democratic Republic of Congo

"We found the hope from Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) of HWPL.” all the 10 articles were exactly what DRC has needed. we announced the campaign of Peace to more than 100 leaders from different religious background and others stakeholders who held an offline signature ceremony, which was for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War to be introduced to the United Nations through HWPL of Korea to become an enforceable international law. All religious leaders promised to inform the Declaration of Peace for Cessation of War to their congregation members, because it was an important cause aiming to stop wars, massacre in Beni, DRC and secure peace in the world. Accompanied by leaders of religions, youths and other volunteers from ODI, we started to go from door to door, church to church, school to school requesting people humbly to support the Declaration of peace and Cessation of Wars through their signatures. As a fruit of patience and courage, they collected 18,500 signatures out of 20.000 signatures needed. This was publically circulated and announced by different radios in DRC."
2. Mr. Dragomir G. Marian(President of MasterPeace Romania)

"We, peace teachers will keep moving on for continuous peace education so that it would be deeply rooted in Romania, and also we will stand at the front line for the implementation of DPCW for our future so that our students could live in peace."

3. Nazeeb Sulayman Ibraheem, Reporter, Radio Nigeria

"I am doing peace work because, without peace, I may not have grown to be educated, I may not have lived without fear of being consumed by violence or war. We can achieve peace work as journalists only if we actively, effectively carry factual stories and peacefully help in heart-to-heart discussions of objective analysis of situations with stakeholders like government officials, peace experts, civil society experts, youth and religious leaders. THE Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) is the most important peace document today. "​

4. H.E. Karim Khalili, Former Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

"I support the efficacy of his movement to ensure the maintenance of human dignity and restoration of peace throughout the world. It is more than twenty years that Afghanistan has been at war with international terrorsm and has witnessed daily fear of losing lives to deadly terror attacks and other violence. In its past four decades of war, millions of its citizens were displaced, took refuge and disabled; moreover, huge financial damage has been inflicted to its economy, Therefore, Afghanistan, more than any other country can understand the importance of peace and an end to all wars and violence to achieve their long waited desire which is peace and human dignity. I warmly appreciate HWPL for organizing "Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War" program which can surely draw world's attention to the vital 133 need of peace and its impact on human societies."

5. Prof. Oleksandr Zadorozhnii¸ Former President of Ukrainian Association of International Law

"It is very technical, modern, and well written enough to be implemented. The core contents of the declaration are good. I have helped its translation because the contents were all good. But the main problem now is to make this into a legally binding document. On a legal aspect, there is nothing I should add or modify to the current contents of the declaration as they are good enough. But a problem would be how to implement the contents of the declaration. Perhaps Articles 9 and 10 are not based on their legal implement, but this would be concerned with volunteers, youth and women organizations instead. I totally agree with the contents and the structure of the declaration and have no other suggestion. The purpose and essence of the declaration perfectly goes along with the foreign policies of Ukraine. I support all the activities of HWPL and the DPCW because this is very important."​

6. Aung Myint Thu/Manaung Youth Networking Group, Executive Director/Myanmar

" In 2017, I decided myself I would actively participate in ending Civil Wars in Myanmar because it is already 70 years fighting. In 2018, this year I became one of young leaders, spokesperson, at Social Sector at Union Peace Conference- which is the top political Dialogue in Myanmar'' where we write we make Principle, policy, Laws which are to end the conflicts. 
In 2018 conference, we discussed the importance of children and women, Refugee, Education and Health. Just before the conference, I got a email from IPYG about this WARP summit. When I saw about DPCW which we are working on to become an international Law as UN resolutions, I said myself '' Right, this is what I have been dreaming - I will be one of the World Peace Maker to make HWPL dream come true. 
UN has not had this kind of international Law in UN. Therefore, it is the time for regional leaders, national leaders and international leaders to support DPCW and make the world have peace. And, let make this vocabulary ''War (W-A-R)'' disappear from our dictionary and our daily life talks. Let educate the Civil Society and get strength from them and make DPCW as an international law together. "

7. Herculano Amaral/International Rotary Club of Dili Lafaek,Director/Timor-Leste

"Looking at these stories, Timorese people have been suffering a lot. A range of crimes and violence have been experienced which including massacres, tortures, kidnapping, rape and so on and so forth. You could have imagined how hard it was living in their own country and going through these situations. This kind of situation have brought many children lost their parents and many people had lost their beloved ones. 
However, the reconciliation was the weapon and is the weapon of living as a great neighbour in the world. (Can you please give a round applause?) The reconciliation was the weapon for us to live as a great neighbour in the world. Today, we are very proud living in an independent country yet many things that our leaders are still working on, so that our people can live in prosperous and live in harmony and peaceful lives. However, to achieve this, it’s not that easy as many people have been facing physiologically trauma and stressful and so on and so forth.
IPYG Timor-Leste is also working hand by hand with the IWPG Timor-Leste to plan more peace activities such as Peace through Sports, Clean up for Peace, Peace for Concert, Planting Trees and many more things. Moreover, we hope to include more young people so that we can create more spaces for spreading the culture of peace. However, to achieve this, it should be done by cultivating a culture of respecting each other and mutual trust within people to people and states to states levels. "​

8. Monk Phramaha Monchai Saitanaporn, from Wat Phra Dhammakaya Berlin

"All religions speak of peace, but unfortunately religion has become one the causes for the greatest conflicts in human history. DPCW deals with these issues of religion which may be sensitive and includes specific provisions to resolve religious conflicts. Article 8 of the DPCW contains provisions to deal with these things. Like so, the DPCW contains the necessarily legal provisions to cut off religious conflicts, protect the freedom of religion, and encourage inter-religious dialogues. DPCW Article 9 states that if such disputes are prevented but are not resolved and continue to be caused by religion, then strong legal actions will be taken against them. That is why I strongly believe that the DPCW is the method to achieve peace."

9. Soraya Salie, Founding member of the Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies, South Africa

"It is simple to understand, yet very powerful. Out of the 10 articles, we are actively advocating for Article 10 - spreading a Culture of Peace. This is easy because it does not cost money. All you give is kindness and nurturing, which is freely given. There is great advantage within this article. Our Peace committee is active in a community that is known as a high violence region, so we focus on this aspect of Spreading Peace as it is a simple and dynamic way to allow our community to have pride in Bonteheuwel ~ our beautiful, bountiful and blessed community of Bonteheuwel in Cape Town, South Africa."

Wow, there are lots of people participating in 'Legislate Peace Project'. You can do it too. Please write a peace letter for peace. ​

▶️ Writing Peace Letter on line 

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