Sunday, September 15, 2019

‘Let's reconnect railway from North to South by culture’…DMZ Peace Concert

‘Let's reconnect railway from North to South by culture’…DMZ Peace Concert

Korea is the only divided country in the world. In the midst of this, a meaningful concert were held at Dora Mountain located at the northernmost part of Gyeongui Line. In the concert, famous musicians from inside and outside country gathered in one place to promote north and south railway reconnecting before the first anniversary of 9.19 Inter-Korean military agreement.

A melody of peace and harmony echoed DMZ (demilitarized zone). The world-class cello player Yo-Yo Ma came at this event. Yo-Yo Ma has played the melody of peace in conflict areas around the world. This time, he played Bach's accompaniment cello at DMZ. The Korean song 'missing Kumgang Mt.' were sung with the young musicians from North Korea. I personally wish South and North reunite again. This is the reason I support peace movement by HWPL.

Yo-Yo ma said "Through culture we can dream together. And together we can achieve the impossible." Arirang melodies harmonizing South and North resonate and the excitement rises to the folk song. Over 400 audiences including displace people, soldiers and students gave their applause to the stage of world-renowned masters and Korean traditional musicians. The elementary school student who participated in the event said "It would be nice if we could unify quickly and we could go to North Korea or Europe on this train." The audience tied the ribbons together to pray for peace between South and North.

HWPL will show heavenly culture to the audience on coming 18th of September. I invite all of you to this peace movement. 

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