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'HWPL Peace Education' blooming in Israel, Palestine, India and Cambodia

'HWPL Peace Education' blooming in Israel, Palestine, India and Cambodia

There are two countries that suffer the pain of conflict due to religious and historical conflicts. These are Israel and Palestine. What will it take to resolve the pain of this conflict and dispute? This is peace education. A peace education event was held in Israel to resolve the conflict for students from these two countries. This event was held through the international peace NGO organization, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL, Chairman Man Hee Lee). HWPL is actively carrying out peace education projects in many countries, including Israel, India, and Cambodia, striving for the cessation of war and world peace.

◆ Peace Education Camp

On March 29, 2019, the Israel-Palestinian Peace Education Camp was held. The subjects of the Peace Education Camp were students who will cope with peace. About 150 students and educators attended the camp. During the camp schedule, participants had time to discover their peace-loving heart through sharing the feelings after seeing war and peaceful photos, and proceeded with the 'Peace Letter Campaign' and 'Handprinting'. In particular, the 'Peace Letter Campaign' is being implemented as part of a plan to urge the establishment of international peace, and this peace letter is being delivered to national leaders and UN ambassadors in 193 countries.

Let's take a look at the reactions of the organizers and participants of this peace education camp.

1. As HWPL's peace education goes hand in hand, students are learning more about how to accept each other. Events like this should be held more often in Israel and Palestine, and even in other countries.

2. Under the slogan of 'We Are One', the spirit of peace could be planted in the hearts of the students entrusted to us. I think the camp was really good because not only were the students happy, but I was able to convey the message of peace that peace education wanted to convey to all participants.

3. I was very happy to be one of the students selected to participate in this wonderful event. It was an opportunity to build good relationships with new students and I think peace should be a part of every activity we do.

◆ MOU signing

City Montessori officials who attended the event signed an MOU with HWPL. Through this MOU, HWPL's peace education program will be provided and implemented in schools. City Montessori School said that they fully support HWPL's peace activities. They also expressed support for HWPL's peace projects as well as peace education. After this day, continuous exchanges between City Montessori School and HWPL continued, and a peace walk for world peace and cessation of war was held with about 2,000 students and judges in attendance. HWPL's peace education teaches students to correctly recognize the value of peace and to cultivate that spirit so that they can play a pioneering role in spreading a culture of peace.

◆ Launching the Peace Education Committee, hosted by the Cambodian Ministry of Education

The '2019 Cambodia HWPL Peace Education Committee Launching Ceremony' was held hosted by the Ministry of Education of Cambodia. About 1,000 people attended the launching ceremony, including the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education and Youth Sports, the HWPL Peace Delegation, Cambodian education officials and students. At this event, the HWPL Peace Education Committee was appointed and specific activity plans for peace education were discussed. 19 Cambodian schools and universities signed a 'Peace School MOU' with HWPL and promised to promote peace education throughout Cambodia.

This is the reaction of the people involved in the launch of the Peace Education Committee.

1. I believe that this event to promote education of peace value will enable students to clearly know and realize the value of peace, share the learned knowledge with each other, and participate in the work of achieving national and world peace.

2. HWPL has MOA for peace education and peace school with 189 schools in 20 countries around the world, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United States. In particular, this committee was organized under the Ministry of Education expecting to participate in researching and planning a peace curriculum that can instill the spirit of peace in students who are the future leaders.

3. Peace education, one of HWPL's peace projects, is to nurture individuals with the spirit and values of peace. Schools designated as HWPL Peace Schools conduct peace education programs every semester.







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