Tuesday, September 26, 2023

“A world of peace without war for future generations” Designation of HWPL Peace Schools in each country

“A world of peace without war for future generations”
Designation of HWPL Peace Schools in each country

In order to pass on a world without war to future generations, systematic peace education must be provided above all. Traditional educational institutions around the world that know this well are paying attention to HWPL's peace movement. Countries around the world are requesting chairman Man Hee Lee’s peace lecture and introducing HWPL's peace education. In particular, countries that have suffered from long-term wars and conflicts are feeling the need for peace education more strongly.

Israel, Kosovo, India, and the Philippines, which took the lead in introducing HWPL peace education, are all countries that have experienced the pain of war and civil strife. Currently, a total of 303 educational institutions in 47 countries have been designated as HWPL's peace schools and are nurturing peace talents for the new era. 

The University of Kosovo Pristina became HWPL's Peace School during the 22nd World Peace Tour. The University of Pristina has approximately 30,000 students. One of the professor at this school is a member of the legislation of International Law of HWPL Peace Committee. He said, “By attending the HWPL 9.18 World Peace Summit, I learned the clear answer to peace. So, in order to inform the youth of Kosovo about this, we invited chairman Man Hee Lee to the school.”

On this day, the University of Pristina made a special commitment through the 'HWPL Peace School Resolution' and awarded a plaque of appreciation to chairman Lee.

During the 23rd World Peace Tour, a monument of declaration of world peace was erected at one of school in India. Also, a ceremony to commemorate being selected as HWPL peace school was held at the school along with the establishment of declaration of world peace monument. Students of this school welcomed chairman Man Hee Lee, the messenger of peace.

This school has over 2,000 students in elementary, middle, and high schools and five schools, including this school, were selected as HWPL peace schools.

Rederence : https://url.kr/6e43nc  

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