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Muslims and Jews come together for ‘peace’

Muslims and Jews come together for ‘peace’

What is Alliance of Religions' Peace Office of HWPL?

- All religions come out with their own scriptures, debate and check what "true scripture" is and proceed of becoming one. The activities of Alliance of Religions' Peace Office are taking place in El Salvador, Canada, Germany, Israel, and New Zealand.

Alliance of Religions' Peace Office in El Salvador invited chairman Man Hee Lee and the HWPL peace delegation to ask for a message of peace during the 21st word peace tour. El Salvador has an overwhelmingly large Christian population. Representatives from each denomination are gathering in El Salvador to discuss the scripture under the theme of 'unification of the Bible.' Chairman Lee emphasized that we need to know what true religion is based on the Bible.

There are two Alliance of Religions' Peace Offices in Canada, Ottawa and Montreal. Alliance of Religions' Peace Office in Ottawa is opened on September 5, 2015. Participants who attended the online religious peace camp on November 13, 2021, agreed that it was time for religions to step forward for ‘peace’.

Executive of center said “I am very happy to be with HWPL. I hope religious people pay attention to the many global issues that require attention. That is also part of the peace we must pursue.”

HWPL also operates an Alliance of Religions' Peace Office in Israel, where religious conflict is the sharpest in the world. Starting with its first meeting on April 7, 2015, the HWPL's Alliance of Religion' Peace Office in Israel held a total of 113 meetings as of November 2021.

HWPL The reason for establishing an Alliance Religions' Peace Office in Israel was to face the reality of Israel's religious field, which is far from 'peace'. The common goals pursued by all religious scriptures are the realization of peace and justice, conflict resolution, human dignity, and diversity, but these pure and important messages are often overlooked by people.

Accordingly, HWPL met with people from various religions, including Islam, Catholicism, Armenian, Syrian Orthodox Church, Judaism, and minority religions, recommending and opening an Alliance Religions' Peace Office.

In New Zealand, where there are almost no large-scale religious events, the HWPL event held a total of 66 dialogue meetings from May 2, 2015 to November 2021.

Those in attendance at the time evaluated an Alliance Religions' Peace Office very positively. A person who is from Muslim said “I found out that an Alliance Religions' Peace Office was quite productive.”

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