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Religious field united through the ‘Debate of Alliance Religions' Peace Office’ held in the UK, India and Indonesia

Religious field united
through the ‘Debate of Alliance Religions' Peace Office’
held in the UK, India and Indonesia

At Peace Summit held on September 16, 2014, priests of The National Council of Hindu Priests UK presented a certificate of honor to Chairman Man Hee Lee.

In the certificate of honor, council praised Man Hee Lee's peace activities, transcending religion, ideology, race and national borders. President, vice-president and secretary general from council participated in Peace Summit. Afterwards, the council continued its activities together with HWPL. In particular, Secretary General  is actively participating in the 31st Peace Tour of Romania held in 2019.

India is the birthplace of four religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, and is a country where various religions coexist. Additionally, India's constitution guarantees religious freedom to its citizens. However, due to the religious regulation based on Hinduism, which has ruled India for longer than the Constitution, India is proud to be a society where many religions and cultures coexist despite unreasonable discrimination against minority religions and dissonance between religions. 

They are also making efforts to promote themselves as a country of ‘peace’ abroad. For this, they highly appreciated an Alliance Religions' Peace Office which is a religion-based discussion of the HWPL, presented as a way to resolve conflicts among religions and to achieve practical peace. Religious leaders in India participated in Peace Summit every year starting with 'Peace Summit held on Sep. 18, 2014 to declare cessation of war and world peace. In particular, they agreed to actively cooperate in the growth of the HWPL's Alliance Religions' Peace Office to spread peace in India which they saw and confirmed at Peace Summit.

People who participated in 3rd Peace Summit of HWPL in 2017 returned to their home country and introduced religious leaders and religious people in India who are enthusiastic about peace regardless of religion regardless of religion to HWPL. As a result, Alliance Religions' Peace Office in India was able to grow quantitatively and qualitatively.

Alliance Religions' Peace Office in India began on Jan. 4, 2015. As of Nov. 2021, 5 locations are in operation and more than 350 meetings were held online and offline.

Religious community in India joined HWPL on 26th peace tour in 2018. Representatives of 6 major religions in Indonesia( (Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism) willingly signed an agreement for unification in religion. 

Reference : https://url.kr/7hnir5   

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